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Now urban legends are urban folklore that had been created by stories weaved with each other and circulated about until most men and women have accepted them as truths. There are various sorts of urban myths and covers a wide range of subject matter. Its not impossible to find that even diseases have their personal folklore. A celiac illness urban legend revolves about tea bags containing gluten which can trigger the illness. For these who do not know, celiac disease is a condition where the small intestines get inflamed due to the consumption of food containing gluten. To get one more viewpoint, you should gaze at: A-Z guide to marketing What You Should Know about Celiac Infection. In the very same way, I havent read any conclusive study which defunct this urban legend after and for all. Personally, I would think the truth that protein based or gluten based tea bags is not a commercial viability. I would choose to think that this is indeed a celiac illness urban legend. Nonetheless, for you who chose to be cautious, there are several tea brands today that claims to be gluten free. With regards to options, you wont be restricted. You can continue enjoying your tea.

A Celiac Disease Urban Legend

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