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Access Cambridge Archaeology

Access Cambridge Archaeology is an outreach unit within the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge, based in the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. The primary aim of Access Cambridge Archaeology is to enhance educational, economic and social well-being through active participation in archaeology. It seeks to achieve this by running novel, fun and challenging activities for members of the public, including school pupils, to develop new skills and confidence; raise their educational aspirations, boost their academic performance; enjoy learning for the love of it; take part in new archaeological excavations and make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them.

Access Cambridge Archaeology activities and events are available for people of all ages and interests. Field Academies and Discovery Days provide for young people of secondary school age, with junior versions of these tailored for younger pupils, while anybody can get involved in community excavations. Keep up-to-date with all our news and events on the ACA Blog and find out more on .

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If you are going to add a large amount of information to this site, it might be worth splitting the text between different pages, such as an introduction page, results, discussion etc. The easiest way to do this is to add a series of links just below your project title, as shown on this page. This is done by typing the following:


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Example image using the following code:

burial 43

burial 43

To upload an image, use the browse button on the attachment box at the bottom of this page (you need certain priveleges to upload images - please contact us with your user name to request this). The text above for including an image must then be edited to replace 'TemplatePages' with the new page name, and replace 'burial_43.jpg' with the file name you have uploaded.

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