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If you are constantly feeling especially low, well-meaning friends may tell you to snap out of it and sometimes even start to get irritated by your feeling. Your depressio.. Depression is a sickness and must be known as such. It is not really a reason to be ashamed. The main reason so many people neglect to seek help for their depression is the fact that they're uncomfortable. Regrettably, that is among the feelings associated with depression anyway and makes the sickness difficult to admit. If you are constantly feeling particularly low, well-meaning friends may tell you to break out of it and sometimes even start to get irritated by your mood. This negativity will be fed off by your depression and you start to wonder why you cant just break out of it. You then start to feel that theres anything wrong with you since it must be so easy and its just not right that you feel so bad constantly. Well, its not right and there is something amiss with you. You have a medical condition and you deserve treatment in the same manner as any individual. counselling services melbourne to check up the inner workings of it. Once you've accepted that you have depression please remember that it is a medical condition and may be treated. You dont need to feel this way for ever. No body really thinks of you just how you think they do. Talk to some body. Seek and accept help and you'll find that there is a different way of seeing life.

Admit Your Depression

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