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Artefact Identification

This page is designed for users to ask questions about artefacts they might have found, but cannot identify. You can either write a description of the artefact, or if you have been given access to upload images, use the attachment box at the bottom of this page to send an image in, and add it to the page using the following code:

{{image class="centre" alt="unidentified find" title="unidentified find" url="uploads/ArtefactIdentification/filename.extension"}}

The item below is shown to suggest the format you might add your questions. To avoid clutter on this page, once someone has identified the find for you, please remove your text and images. To remove an image from the server, not just the page, please click the 'x' in the attachments box next to the image you want to delete.

This was found at Cawood - any help in identifying it would be appreciated.

unidentified find
This looks like a medieval Buckle plate, and probably dates from the 13th to 15th Centuries.
I would agree this appears to be a buckle plate with part of the pin in situ, but the design looks like a crude version of the great beast from the Viking Jellinge Style. This style of art began in England in the late 9th century and continued until c.AD 1000. This also fits with the find spot being close to (viking) York .

unidentified find
Not sure what this is, but it also was found in Cawood.
It's a ceramic wig-curler!


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