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I've had over the years (48 of them) a lot of time for you to review and be involved in numerous types of humor and have studied their different effects on the human mind. I will convey many of my observations, views and ramblings where humor is concerned. Over the next few months I'll write on these matters Cold Humor, Fat Humor, Bad Humor, Tasteless Humor and the others. Black Humor: This is the form of items that doesnt really make the Darwins but leaves the person alive. We discovered How Long Does Marijuana Grow Info is a thrilling database for extra info about when to allow for this idea. The lit fits would burn up before igniting the fuel and so one of the drunkards, especially the one this black humor is discussing, decided the most practical way of igniting the gas would be to rise in to the culvert ahead of igniting the match, so down he goes. At last he gets the gas ignited and what happens next is a thing of beauty. The newswomans interview will be paraphrased by me with witnesses. He arrived of that culvert like he was shot from a cannon, with his hair burning, making a path that went from the culvert, over the back porch the drunkards had been experiencing all afternoon into the front yard where he lay, clothing smoldering, hair gone and burnt to 2nd and third degree burns off about his face and upper torso. Now thats funny! In the event that you wish to see other funny things I have accumulated over those 48 years head to my website and check them out and please have a humorous morning, its the only path your likely to make it out satisfied.

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