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Caerleon Legionary Fortress

Priory Field Excavations 2010: Finds Gallery

Dolphin-shaped furniture fitting
A furniture fitting in the shape of a very pretty dolphin

Bronze belt-plate
An unusual bronze belt plate, which might have been part of the buckle fitting. This one is unusual in that it has a raised surround to the pierced work. It probably dates from the mid 2nd to the 3rd century

Bronze pommel-fitting
This bronze cap probably covered the pommel of a legionary’s pugio or dagger. Legionaries seem to have been quite the dandy

Lead amulet
A possibly unique example of a homemade amulet in lead. It has a hole for possibly threading a thong through. Probably depicts part of a person’s anatomy (the students and I thought it was a part of a male anatomy but the more cerebral amongst us wouldn’t believe me)


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