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Caerleon Legionary Fortress

Priory Field Excavations 2010: Finds Gallery (Part II)

The finds were photographed by Mary Lutescu and the descriptions written by the Finds Supervisor, Chris Waite.

Lion's head furniture fitting
A lovely bronze lion head stud which was probably a decoration on a piece of furniture (perhaps a pay chest?). You can see his cute face on this photo and the iron fitting in the accompanying photo (below)

Lion's head furniture fitting

Azurite ball
A natural ball of azurite. Azurite is an ore of copper and this may be raw material for copper smithing which was done on site by the legionaries

Bronze plate-brooch
A beautiful, probably 2nd century, star-shaped bronze plate brooch. There are green and blue enamel panels with a white dot in the centre of the blue panels. The points of the star have roundels filled with red enamel. Quite a rare type of find

Bronze pendant
Bronze shell-shaped pendant. Another bit of Roman bling

Bronze stud
A nice chunky bronze stud which could have decorated a piece of furniture or might have had some function in a lock on a chest

Lead tag
A lead luggage tag. It was probably attached by the punched hole to a bundle of supplies of some kind. The writing on it may indicate what that was and how much it was worth, but hasn’t been translated yet. The Romans used an asterix shaped sign to indicate denarii or value (I wish I had known this when I was on site)

Bronze belt-stiffener
A bronze belt-stiffener. A legionary’s belt would have had a few of these - useful as well as shiny when new

Fish-shaped brooch
One of three lovely bronze fish brooches. They have enamelled eyes and silvered scales. Were there three because they were a badge of something or did a lady wear a shoal of them? Perhaps it showed you were a member of the Caerleon-on-Usk fishing club!

Bone counter
A bone counter or gaming-piece. Counters are common finds on Roman sites and show that gambling was a popular pastime for the soldiers. They were used for accounting too, but that is not as interesting

Glass bead
A rather pretty blue translucent glass bead

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