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Minutes of the First Annual General Meeting of Derwent Archaeology Group held in the Tower Room on 26th March 2007 at 7:30pm.

Present: Roger Brown, Robin Chivers, Kay Wheater, Hilda Lupton, John Hancox, Daphne Hancox, Linda Maggs, Olwyn Fonseca, Mick Thompson, David Rowe

1. Apologies
Harry Brockbank, Judy Brockbank

2. Minutes and Matters Arising
As this was the first Annual General Meeting there were no minutes.

4. Chairman's Report
Roger Brown reviewed the Group activities for the year. These were a dig in the field next to Bingley House at Grimston Bar and a dig on Bull Banks. Regrettably nothing was found in either dig. The proposed field walk at Londesborough Lodge Farm did not take place.

5. Treasurer's Report
Due to the absence of Judy Brockbank (Treasurer) John Hancox circulated the accounts and these were unanimously agreed and adopted by the members.

6. Election of Officers
No nominations had been received for the officers of the Group. All the officers agreed to remain in office and were unanimously re-elected by the members.

7. Subscriptions
An annual subscription of £10 per member was proposed by Daphne Hancox and seconded by Kay Wheater. This was unanimously agrred by the members.

8. There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:00pm.

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