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Minutes of the meeting of Derwent Archaeology Group held in the Tower room on 28th January 2008 at 7:30 pm.

Present: Robin Chivers, Kay Wheater, Daphne Hancox, John Hancox, Hilda Lupton, Jerad Zimmermann, Harry Brockbank, Olwyn fonseca, David Rowe, Rob Grieves

1. Apologies
Linda Maggs

2. Minutes and Matters Arising
The minutes of the 3rd December 2007 meeting were agreed.
Matters arising from 31/12/2007 Meeting:
Storage of Altars: JH informed the meeting that following a change of Reading Room Committee two possible sites had been offered for a display cabinet. One was not really suitable as it was behind the chair storage area but the other was a possibility. The cost would need to be borne by either DAG or the Parish Council. KW to contact Negel Taggart (Parish Council) re a possible Grant as DAG would not have sufficient funds.
Website: JZ informed the Group he was organising the Website and would be linking this to Dunnington Through the Ages and The Dunnington Parish web pages.

3. Correspondence
Archaeology Magazines were circulated.
CBA - Notice of the ABM (on 02/02/08) and minutes had been received.
Timeline - Notice of a meeting at YAT offices was received. JH sent in a DAG Report.

4. Any Other Business
RC reported on a York Archaeological Forum meeting he attended on 12/12/07. If any members were interesed there was the possibility of taking part in a dig at the Heslington East site.

DAG Funds in hand at 21/01/2008 were £316.05

5. Storage of DAG Property
After discussion JZ agreed to store the group's equipment on a temporary basis and KW agreed to store the finds until these were returned to the individual farmers. HB and JH were to arrange the transfer of the finds to KW and HB agreed to transfer the equipment.

6. AGM Agenda
JH reminded the group that there would be a number of officers to elect at the AGM including Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Any other items for the meeting should be given to the secretary as soon as possible. The AGM will be followed by a short coffee break before the ordinary meeting commences.

7. Summer Trip
The Group were reminded to think of any other venues for a Summer Trip.

8. Resistivity Surveys
It was agreed that the group would continue the survey work at Scoreby. Joh Kenny to be contacted with regard to providing supervision. Stephen Moorhouse (via Hagg Wood Group) said he would be interested in helping. LM to be asked if she could arrange access to the field on behalf of the Group and ascertain when it would be available.

9. Possible speakers for meetings
Jon Kenny was put forward as a possible speaker. RC to contact Jon Kenny for suggestions and contacts.

10. Public Open Meeting
Discussion took place regarding advertising the Group's activities and increasing membership. It was agreed an Open Day would be planned for the middle of May. RC would be contacting Jon Kenny to see if he would give a suitable talk. DH was to arrange the hire of the Reading Room and arrange refreshments. JH was to publish a notice in the Village Cross. KW agreed to give a talk on the Group's activities. The arrangement would be discussed at the next meeting and finalised. However Linda Maggs informed JH that the day chosen, 22nd May 2008, is also the day that the Friends of Hagg Wood were having a village walk-about etc and this could have an effect on attendance. The booking of the Reading Room has been made but not cancelled. A decision as to whether we go ahead will need to be made at the next meeting.

11. Date of next meeting which will included the AGM
This will be held in the Tower Room on 31st March 2008 at 7:30 pm.

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