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Tidepole Formby

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hi all
i am currently conducting a study of patterned lead spindle whorls .firstly to determine if there is a regional variation in pattern types(it would appear that there is). secondly to use patterned whorls found in context to create a dating system to enable a more accurate dating of whorls found by metal detectorists and members of the public based on pattern type.
also by using weight data i am hoping to be able to establish which regions were producing which types of cloth .with a current data set of approximately 1500 patterned lead whorls from across the uk it already apparrent that there are 6 counties in england that seem to produce more whorls than anywhere else in the uk , these being yorkshire(all ridings) nottinghamshire ,lincolshire, leicestershire,north wales and warwickshire .
although the study is in its infancy whorl data and images are being sent on a daily basis by metal detectorists from clubs and individuals
so i would like to ask for your help in tracing images and data of pattern lead spindle whorls found in context . any advice or reccommendations you could give me would be greatly appreciated .also if anybody is aware of private collectors of spindle whorls (havent found any but i know they are out there somewhere)could you let me know .
if at all possible could you e-mail any data to
many thanks in advance
-- MarktheMole (2008-07-23 17:11:58)

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