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You have an older dishwasher and it's serving you well. Let us make that has been serving you well. See, the issue is fixing it. If your dishwasher has ended filling or draining all of a sudden or has its moments when it will work and when it will not - examine the gear. The strip connects the motor to the pump using pulleys. The pump fills the dishwasher once the motor rotates in one single direction. When the motor rotates in the opposite direction, the dishwasher is drained by the pump. If your dishwasher is not filling or draining at all, the belt may be broken. The gear is probably stretched and is slipping, if your dishwasher sometimes works. Have a closer look at your dishwasher's belt. The gear is approximately 2-5 inches long and made of clear or black plastic. The belt is located behind the reduced entry cell, which is sometimes known as a kickplate. Going To save on by browsing our thrilling website. Eventually you can re-connect the power source and reattach the access panel. Your old dishwasher is backup and ready to go again.

Dishwasher Strip Do not Allow It Ease

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