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Upon who else should the axe fall if the sales organization Income is down. Revenue are reducing. The CEO looks up from the business plan and knows that the business won't meet authorities objectives. Concentrating on the companies income leader, the stage is set for sacrificing a scapegoat. Upon who else if the axe fall when the sales organization misses revenue targets? In the end, arent income and sales the obligation of the sales leader? As it is apparent the answer might be as easily ignored. tour sooyoung. Before CEOs take their sales teams, however, they could wish to have a critical look at the entire income generation process and how each business segment plays a part in or detracts from the success of the process. Like Americas favorite psychologist, Dr. Phil, would advise: Every office in a company either plays a part in the companys income creation process o-r contaminates it.

Do not Take the Sales Force

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