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If forex killer a broker online forex trade is only offering tier 1 bank liquidity without the Currenex ECN then the possibility exists that a spread mark up is being applied. But in addition to having a proprietary forex business mix of FX bank liquidity brokerage firms offering the Currenex forex brotherhood platform also have the option currency trading broker

to add the Curreenx ECN into the platform.

However, don't assume because the ECN isn't present that the spreads are automatically marked up because this may not be the case. It has a world buy forex class reputation of reliability and excellent speed of execution. Currenex attracts various entities from private active traders to prop shops to hedge funds and everything forex trader else in between. The two items that matter forex trading advice most with frequent traders. For many active traders within the foreign exchange sector Currenex is the money market

trading weapon of choice. However, the liquidity and spreads will vary from broker foro forex to broker.

Within the same forex trading review post you will find people posting that this isn't true and that it's a white label. At its most basic level Currenex is a software white label.

At its forex live prices core level if you were to view just the Currenex ECN at different trading forex

brokers you would see the exact same spreads and liquidity. However, there are many myths that surround what Currenex is and isn't. Well the correct answer to this is it's both. As mentioned forex expert above Currenex is a white forex currency trading label.

Regardless of what forex brokerage firm(s) that you utilize to trade on Currenex the trades are executed with the Currenex technology infrastructure. I hope to clarify within this piece some of the truths from fiction. Ma you can currency trading course find on various forums individuals referring to Currenex as a forex ECN.

Judging from my past experience. forex retail forex broker

platform reviews This is why the spreads and liquidity will be different at each forex broker but you will still have the same exact forex trading pips reliability and speed of execution. This is due to the fact that you can't mark up spreads as a broker if you offer the ECN in addition to your bank liquidity. india forex

White labeling software is simply when a brokerage firm leases software from a technology provider and has the ability to have their logo and other company information on the platform. One key item to keep in mind though, if you are trading on a Currenex platform and have the ECN added into the liquidity pool you can't be guaranteed that your broker is presenting core rates with no mark up. Even when looking closely at a white label you would think that the software is a firm's own propriety technology. For example, broker A may have 6 tier 1 banks providing liquidity while broker B may have 10 tier 1 banks providing liquidity.

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