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Fortress Scotland: Introduction

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From 1995 to 2002 the Defence of Britain Project created a database of around 19,000 surviving Twentieth Century Military sites. An estimated 14,500 of these were anti-invasion defences constructed in the period 1940-41. An enthusiast can search his local region and instantly discover what remains to be seen of these.
However, there are very few photographs of these sites on the database. The casual visitor may have no idea what they are looking at. The more interested researcher can buy the Practical Archaeology Handbook #12 Twentieth Century Defences in Britain, but books require to be updated in the light of new data.
In this project, I hope to provide photographs of the most commonly found military structures to aid identification, and background information to provide context.

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Example image using the following code:

{{image class="center" alt="burial 43" title="Bronze Age jar burial" url="uploads/TemplatePages/burial_43.jpg"}}

burial 43

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