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Getting Started

How to register, login and logout


To register yourself as a new user, simply click on the Login/Register link at the bottom of the left hand menu.

On the Usersettings page you will see six fields. To register you will have to fill out the first four:
  1. Your User Name (Wikiname): This is the username you will be identified by in this website. It has to take the format of at least two words starting with capital letters and without spaces between them, such as 'DanHull' or 'MarieClaireFerguson', and must be shorter than 75 characters! It is not possible to use the name of an existing page.
  2. Password: you must choose a password that is at least five characters long. The password will be stored encrypted in the CBA CAF database, so it is impossible even for someone with access to the database to know your password.
  3. Confirm password: to exclude mistakes (for example mistyping) you have to type your password a second time. You can change it later in your User settings.
  4. Email address: you need to enter a valid email address in case you ever forget your password

Click on the Button labelled Register.


To login, click on the Login/Register link at the bottom of the the left hand menu on every page. Simply fill in the first two fields (Your User Name: and Password:) with the information you provided upon registration, then click on the Button labelled Login.

The page changes from the Register/Login screen to a display of your User settings.

You might also want to introduce yourself - click on the link with your username at the top right of any page to create your personal userpage once you have registered. Here you can add information about yourself, projects you're involved in etc. You are welcome to add a link to your personal website and to websites you own relating to archaeology or heritage.


To logout, click the button labelled Logout located on the UserSettings page.

Creating a new page

There are several ways to create a new page in the CBA CAF site:

1. Creating a new page from an existing page

The most common way to create a new page is to edit an existing page and insert somewhere in that page an internal link to the new page you want to create (either by using the so-called CamelCase format NewPage or by [[forcing]] a link with double square-brackets) and save it. A link to the new page will be highlighted as a missing page. Clicking on this link will then open an editable version of the new page.

2. Creating a new page from the browser address field

To create a new page from your browser address field, just type the name of the page (the same format as a user name) after the root URL. For instance, to create a new page on this site you just need to type NewPage in the browser address field after 'wakka=' (where NewPage is the name of the page you want to create).
Remember that creating a page in this way leaves the page orphaned until a link to it from an existing page is created. For this reason, the first method is preferred.

3. Cloning a Template

An existing page can be cloned and given a new name, and the content then edited. See TemplatePages for more information.

4. The newpage action

You can also use the following action to create and edit a new page – enter the title of the page you'd like to create in the {{newpage}} box below:

To ensure that your page is placed in the correct category (e.g. 'Projects', 'Events' etc) you should include
"---- XXXXCategory"
at the very end of the page, where XXXX is replaced with 'Projects' or 'Events' etc. We will occasionally 'tidy' the site to make sure everything stays organised, so don't worry too much if you forget to do this.

Editing an existing page

To edit an existing page,
  • click the "edit page" link. This can be found at the bottom-left of the page
  • Alternatively, if double-click editing is enabled, you can double-click on the page to bring up the editing form.
You will then see the code of the page and will be able to edit it. You can for example format text, or add links and images.
The Preview Button gives you a preview of how your changes will look before saving your changes with the Store button. With Cancel, you go back to the page without changing anything. The field above these three buttons is for leaving notes on your edit, which will be shown on pages like RecentChanges - please add a short note to every change so readers get some idea what was changed (and why).

See also: FormattingRules


If you see the text You don't have write access to this page. You might need to register an account to get write access, log-in and try it again. If the same text appears, the owner of the page has prevented others from editing it. You can prevent others from editing your own pages by clicking on the bracketed 'edit acls' link at the bottom of your page.

Adding images & attachments

To place images on a page of the CBA CAF site, you can use the image action.


{{image class="centre" alt="Bronze Age jar burial - Lebanon" title="Bronze Age jar burial - Lebanon. © Guy Hopkinson" url="uploads/HelpBasics/burial_43.jpg" link="HomePage"}}

Bronze Age jar burial - Lebanon

Links can be external or internal links. You don't need to enter a link at all, and in that case just an image will be inserted. You can use the optional classes left and right and centre to float images left and right or centre them on the page. You don't need to use all those attributes, only url is required to specify the image file and alt is required for accessibility and web design standards.

Uploading files requires certain permissions.
Please us with your User Name to request this.
If you need to upload an image or other file as an attachment or to include in your page, enter the code {{files}} on the page, and then store the changes. When you view the page, you will see an attachment form with a browse button like the one below this paragraph. Click the "browse" button to navigate to the image or file you want to upload, then click the '+' button. Only one file can be uploaded at a time, but you can repeat this process as often as necessary to upload all your images.

  Attachment Size Date Added

Once you have uploaded your files you can delete the {{files}} code to remove the attachment box (but leave your files uploaded), or leave it there to provide a download link for other users to access the files.

To incorporate an uploaded image in your page, the 'url="..."' part of the image action should read as follows: url="uploads/PageName/filename.extension" where PageName is the name of your page and filename.extension is the file you have uploaded.

If you are uploading images to display inline on a page, it's important to remember that image widths should be no greater than 610 pixels in order to fit on a page. However, there is no reason not to offer higher resolution images for download only, using the {files} code as described above.

Comment on a page

To comment a page
  1. if the comment field isn't shown at the bottom of the page, below the text 'Add a comment to this page:', click on the [Add comment] or [Display comments] link after 'There are ... comments on this page'
  2. write the comment in the field; note that the markup used to edit pages doesn't apply here, but blank lines automatically result in (visual) paragraphs
  3. click on Add Comment

The comment is automatically "signed" with either a registered user name or (for an anonymous user) origin node name or IP address, and a timestamp.

If there is neither a field for comments, nor an [Add comment] or [Display comments] link, like for example on RecentChanges, this can have two causes:
  1. the action nocomments is in the code of the page
  2. the owner of the page doesn't allow comments


If you want to search for information in the CBA CAF site, try the following methods:

Searching via search field

You can find the search field on the bottom of every page, labelled with the word search.
Type your search word(s) and press enter. You will then see a page with the results of your search.

Search Tips:

apple banana Find pages that contain at least one of the two words.

+apple +juice Find pages that contain both words.

+apple -macintosh Find pages that contain the word 'apple' but not 'macintosh'.

apple* Find pages that contain words such as apple, apples, applesauce, or applet.

"some words" Find pages that contain the exact phrase 'some words' (for example, pages that contain 'some words of wisdom'
but not 'some random words').

Expanded Text-Search

The same as the search-field, but it displays the local context of the search term.

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