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WallQuest: Introduction

Hadrian’s Wall and its legacy on Tyneside is a community archaeology project to find out about the easternmost 30 miles of Hadrian’s Wall between South Shields and Hexham/Corbridge. In this area the Wall is often invisible but many local people are proud of it and fascinated by it. The project gives them the chance to get involved in research and excavation in various different places along the Wall. Absolutely anybody can join in.

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Project Aims

•Improve the understanding and interpretation of the eastern sector of Hadrian’s Wall

•Involve local individuals and groups in Tyneside, including those who would not typically participate in heritage-based projects, in bringing about this improvement

•Support individuals and groups in Tyneside to play a leading role in the project

•Foster public support for preservation and understanding of Hadrian’s wall

•Increase enjoyment and awareness of the Roman heritage and how it has shaped the Tyneside of today

The community archaeology activities will not take place in just one locality, but in several places along the eastern 30 miles of Hadrian’s Wall. There will also be opportunities to help with indoor research into documents and finds as well as participating in excavations and surveys.

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Heading level 3

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