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Hatch Furlong Community Archaeology Excavation

Hatch Furlong Community Archaeology Trench 2009

On 20th April 2009, a fourth and final season of work was undertaken on site at Hatch Furlong, near the centre of Ewell. For the second year running a trench was designated for Community Archaeology. This trench was open to members of the local community to come along and take part, especially those who had always fancied a go at digging but had never had the opportunity before (or who had been rained off in 2008!). In total over 135 people participated in the Community Archaeology trench, including several young members of the Bourne Hall museum and Guildford Pastfinders clubs. Over a relatively dry two weeks, the group managed to uncover more of the Roman oven (previously uncovered in 2006 and again in 2008), and investigate the remains of trenches dug by local antiquarians in the 1970s.

Two fabulous finds were discovered this year by local volunteers in the community trench. As is always the case on archaeological digs, something really interesting always gets uncovered right on the edge and at the end of site! Like last year with the pile of discarded courseware, two exciting discoveries were made in the community trench.

Whilst straightening the section sides after machining had taken place at the start of the dig, a piece of Neolithic grooved-ware pottery was found. This dates to around 4000-2500BC, and due to its importance, the edge of site was extended to uncover the rest of the pot. Environmental samples were also taken to hopefully tell us what the landscape was like at the time the pottery was being used.

Another great find came just centimetres below where the local diggers in the 1970s had stopped with their shovels. Volunteers uncovered a smashed Roman cauldron pot with several pieces of Samian pottery lying in the bottom of a ditch. A brilliant find for the end of the Hatch Furlong project!

There will be no further digging work on site at Hatch Furlong. A special Hatch Furlong event is planned for May 2010 bringing together all the experts involved over the course of the 4-year dig, and showcasing some of the spectacular finds and results of the site. More details to follow shortly.

If you are interested in taking part in a Community Archaeology Project or Excavation, please contact: Abby Guinness, Community Archaeologist Tel: 01483 518772 Email:

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