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The town of Paisley can trace its history back to at least the 12th century, and was the location of one of the most influencial monestaries in Scotland. The town was also the birth place of the Royal Stewarts, as Robert II, the first of the Stewart line, was born in the town. Paisley is also known for its weaving and industrial history, especially as Paisley has given its name to the now world famous pattern, and the shawls that it so oftern adorns. Other than the town's monastic and industrial history, not much is publically know about Paisley's past. It is time that this was rectified.

The Paisley's Past Project will be a community based project that will run from 2011 until 2013. It will involve volunteers and archaeologists working together on the excavation of a number of sites throughout the town centre. This will involve surveying, excavation, recording, post-excavation work, as well as the researching of local oral history, so there will be the oppertunity for everyone to take part in the project. To date, support has been offered from Strathclyde Forensics, Rainbow Turtle, Archaeology Scotland, CBA and the Paisley Art Gallery and Museum, with a number of people coming forward to offer their services as volunteers. A Young Archaeologists Club will also be set up, initially as part of the project, but which will continue after the project has finished. This will allow for the young people of Paisley to play an active role in the investigation of their on history and heritage.

There is a Facebook page, which will be used to keep everyone up to date with developments within the project. Please show your support.



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