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In the 1960s there was a type of cars presented to the world referred to as muscle cars. These cars included a robust engine and were cool and sleek. These types of cars featured a V8 engine that was meant for speed. As these vehicles were made the manufacturers were in stiff competition with one another. Cnetd Giemp Steve Dillon Activity » Cnetd Giemp » Page 357922 is a original online database for more concerning the purpose of this thing. As each company tried to out do another, we were led into an era of some of the fastest cars of our time. Without thought to gas and energy efficiency, Americans appeared to be having time in their lives. Their cars were fast and eye-catching, both on the road and on the race track. Flashy decals and rushing lines made a statement about both the car and the driver. It seemed the flashier the car the more desirable. At the same time once the luxury vehicle was the master of the road for the married set, younger audience needed something smaller, faster, and sportier. The 440 Roadrunner and the Shelby Mustang are two of the fast cars which were built to match the wish to have speed and powerful. There have been many more fast cars to come back. Camaros, Chargers, GTOs, and Firebirds all tried to group as much value underneath the cover as was possible. Corvettes provided glossy design and speed, but they also had a top cost. All the other high performance cars offered a cost which was affordable to the average working class people. The Energy Impact Throughout the 1960s and 70-s auto makers were riding at the top of a of speed and performance. Then we entered an era where we were told gas was an issue and we were destroying the ozone with your luxurious automobile emissions. We got to the streets with a V6 and even a V4 and reluctantly let go of our fast and cool cars. Gas mileage and cheaper insurance costs forced the fast cars onto the race track and off the freeways. The desire for speed is going to be with us always. We will most likely never again view a time when speed and powerful applications are offered for that every day street car but we can get a view of those cars at the raceway o-r at vintage car shows. The seniors were around to see these cars at their beginning and they still carry a for them today. Many will spend a small fortune to revive one of these initial rapid vehicles back-to their former splendor.

Fast Cars The American Muscle

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