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The Society for Medieval Archaeology

The Society exists to further the study of the period from the 5th to the 16th century AD by publishing a journal of international standing dealing primarily with the archaeological evidence, and by other means such as by holding regular meetings and arranging conferences. While maintaining a special concern for the medieval archaeology of Britain and Ireland, the society seeks to support and advance the international study of this period (as broadly defined above) in Europe. It also aims to serve as a medium for co-ordinating the work of archaeologists with that of historians and scholars in any other discipline relevant to this field.

Research Awards

The Society administers three research funds, and members are invited to apply by the end of January each year for grants awarded in March or April.

Applicants should right click the link and 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' to download an application form (Microsoft Word DOC format) and return it to:

Dr Andrew Reynolds, Honorary Secretary, Society for Medieval Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, University College London, 31–34 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PY.

The Medieval Archaeology Research Grant

The Research Grant was established in 1990 to offer a single annual grant not exceeding £2,000. Applicants must be current individual members of the Society, applying for funds to carry out personal research, but excluding costs towards the running of an excavation or the payment of academic fees. The successful application could be for a specific item of fieldwork, post-excavation research, or architectural studies, including projects that might be submitted as part of a post-graduate degree. The award is made on an evaluation of the academic value of the project, rather than the circumstances of the applicant. Members are invited to apply for grants offered each year in April with a closing date for applications on 31 January.

The Eric Fletcher Fund

The Eric Fletcher Fund was established in 1984 and is available to individual members of the Society, with preference given to younger members wishing to undertake personal archaeological research. Favoured projects will show a potential for throwing new light on some aspect of medieval life. However, applications for assistance to attend relevant conferences, or for study tours, are also invited. Fletcher Fund awards do not usually exceed £500. Members are invited to apply for grants offered each year in April with a closing date for applications on 31 January.

The Sudreys Fund

The Sudreys Fund was set up in 1992 to offer an annual award or awards in the region of £500 for travel related to research in the field of Viking studies. Applications are invited from specialists in the Viking Age, in post in universities, museums, archaeological units, etc, for grants towards travel in relation to their discipline. This award is not available for the completion of post-graduate dissertations. While preference is given to archaeologists, applicants from other disciplines are not excluded. Sudrey travel grants are payable five weeks before the start of the journey, so that full advantage may be taken of reduced fares, etc. Members are invited to apply for grants offered each year in April with a closing date for applications on 31 January.


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