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What is an LCD TV An LCD (light crystal display) display consist of a layer of liquid crystals sandwiched between two plates of glass. When an electrical current is directed through these crystals an array of small multi-colored pixels illuminate and produce a TV picture. Because they are so slender and light, LCD screens are now the most popular screens for computers, and as prices drop, are becoming the most popular screens for TVs. TELEVISION screens are 1/4" to 4" heavy, and are 2" to 65" wide. LCD TVs may cost anywhere from $50 for model was held by a hand to $15,000 for a 65" widescreen TV. LCD TV Characteristics * LCD TVs employ digital technology which provides you a much sharper and better picture than a standard tube TV. * TELEVISION monitors are thin and lightweight for them to be located nearly anywhere in a home or office, even hung on a wall. * Most LCD TV screens are stated in widescreen format and are appropriate for widescreen DVD'S and HD development. As there is with bent tube TVs * LCD TVs have an appartment screen therefore there is number picture distortion. * LCD TELEVISION screens have a life time of 50,000 to 80,000 hours, according to the model and make of the LCD TV. * LCD TVs don't suffer with display "burn in" like tv TVs. Having the Best Price on a TELEVISION If you should be on the market for a TELEVISION, bear in mind that prices will vary widely between merchants. Discover supplementary resources on our favorite partner essay - Click here: directv website likely provides suggestions you should tell your mother. It's incredible what offers you can find online. The website I used to check prices also included buyer reviews so I also got honest feedback from people who had actually purchased the TELEVISION type I was thinking about (can click the link below to visit this website). Costs for LCD TVs start at $900 for a TV, $300 for a TV, and $2,000 for a 40" TV. Finish If you spend nearly all of your evening hours watching tv like I do, and you need an image with near realistic quality, then an TV set is what you are after. Click on this link for more information on LCD TVs and to check out LCD TV types and prices. Click on this link for rates and information on home theater systems. Click on this link for information on free tv programs and support.

TELEVISION Review - Obtain the Best for Less

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