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During Phase 2 Your dog can now experience the higher correction levels of the dog fence collar. Walk your pet within the containment part of the lawn and reward + supply meat treats to him. Allow your puppy to proceed toward it flags. He will experience an unpleasant, but safe, static correction, as soon as your dog enters the signal field. Since your dog may be startled by this correction, he may jump and yelp. This is normal. Ensure when this occurs, you quickly move your pet back in the containment area. The entire time-you should have a smile in your face and praise him - make sure to give a little hot dog bite. Play in the safe area and don't allow your pet to work back-to your house. NEVER DRAW OR CALL YOUR DOG INTO THE SIGNAL AREA. Let him decide to enter or remain within the place. You'll need to commence to incorporate 'set-ups' in your services. A 'set-up' is a situation that will normally induce your puppy to keep the yard, such as for instance a individual walking by and crossing the boundary, or yet another dog outside the boundary. These will show your pet that he needs to pay attention to his whereabouts, whatever the situation. Until now, it has not been examined under conditions where your dog has a heightened level of desire. If people choose to identify more on vinyl fence in huntington beach portfolio has numerous astonishing suggestions for how to look at this activity. To greatly help changing your Petsafe dog collar click here: Before proceeding to Phase 3, be certain your puppy is very happy to run and play in the safe area of the property and is avoiding the education flags, if perhaps not, spend an additional day or two on Phase 2.

Training Your Dog utilizing a PetSafe Electronic Dog wall - Week 2

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