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Reason for the Educational Garden The John Muir Learning Garden is designed to provide a change to San Francisco Schools students to simply take learning further outside of the classroom. The Garden develops o-n the essential curriculum issues of the elementary school and offers an opportunity for students to get real-life experience that matches their academic studies. To compare additional info, please consider glancing at: click here for. A glance at John Muir Elementary School John Muir Elementary School has a special position within-the San Francisco Public School System. Located in the Western Addition of San Francisco, it works as a professional develop-ment school where training pupils from the San Francisco State Universitys Muir Alternative Teaching Program are able to hone their skills in a real world setting, learning just how to specially modify class for the urban classroom. John Muir students come from a rich cultural background and are protected within the school group with literacy and language programs starting in infancy. The programs also extend to the parents and categories of John Muir Elementary School students. Within-the San Francisco school district, John Muir Elementary School acts as-a BASRC (Bay Area School Reform Collaborative) management school with a clear emphasis o-n literacy for your community.

The John Muir Learning Yard Brightens Bay Area Schools

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