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One particular of the most exciting stories in the world is the history of that remarkable drink that we call now coffee. OK, coffee is varied and exciting, involving opportunity occurrences, political intrigue, and the pursuit of wealth and power. According to a single legend (no idea is the legend is actual or not), the wonderful impact of coffee beans was noticed by a wise sheep herder from Caffa, in Ethiopia named Kaldi as he was watching his sheep. He noticed that his sheep became content and extremely active after consuming the red fruits of this unusual plant, the fruits look like red "cherries" . Learn extra information on this affiliated link - Click this URL: can you reverse your diabetes. And that was till the Turks began drinking coffee in their every day life, frequently adding spices such as clove, cinnamon, cardamom and anise to the brew. That's why we have Turkish coffee !.

The Legend of Coffee

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