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First what equipment do you want A cycle workstand o.. Be taught further on a partner link by clicking carpet first. A clear cycle will func-tion better than a dirty one and is just a pleasure to work on. Before you start any bike maintenance you've to clean your bike, that doesnt mean a bit of wipe with a cloth, you have to clean it properly and there are always a few things you need to do the job, you may have to purchase some equipment, but most of it can be found around the house, try under the sink, but dont let your wife/mother find you. First what equipment do you want A bike workstand or helpful tree/washing point to hold your bike o-n. Old rear centre or old axle or stay. Degreaser or diesel fuel (careful diesel is not good-for the hands). Hot water. Washing-up liquid. 2 containers (1 with soapy and 1 with clear water). Paint brush. Old water bottle. Bottlebrush. Comfortable scrubbing brush. 2 sponges. Cloths. Gas. And for that extra shinny finish, spray polish. The most important point to consider if you are cleaning your bike would be to keep your eyes open and look for whatever may require fixing later, this is the way a technician on a professional team does-it, but he might have 10 bikes to look after, so its easier with only one. The starting point Focus on the wheels, slice the top off the old water bottle and put some degreaser in it, you may use a spray degreaser, but you waste most of it. With the paintbrush function the degreaser into the sprockets being careful not to get too much into the bearings. Then with a few hot-water and washing up fluid scrub the clean, then scrub the wheels clean of old brake block residue, you need to use only a little degreaser to simply help this, but dont get it on your own tires. Rinse the tires clear, with delicate scrubbing brush, at this aspect look at the tires for any cut in-the tread that may pierce later and check the wheels for injury or if they're wearing thin. With a soapy sponge clean the spokes and then wash them in clean water and set them to at least one side to dry, perhaps not in direct sunlight. Now the remainder of the bike put your bike on your bike workstand or other handy object you can hang it on. Set the old hub/axle/stick in the rear end of the body so the chain may sleep on it, then applying the paintbrush and the old water-bottle with the degreaser clear the chain, the front and rear derailleur, chain rings and cranks, wheels and another metal parts, try not to get it on the seat, handlebar record and dont get a lot of on the headset and bottom bracket bearings. Also utilize the paintbrush and degreaser to completely clean underneath the down tube, as youll find any sill kind your feeding bottle will make this a really desperate area and the degreaser must move it. Now take the bottlebrush or even a sponge and a bucket of soapy water and clean under the saddle, under the bottom area, under the brakes and under the forks, use the scrubbing brush to change any stubborn dirt, then take a soapy sponge and clean off each of the degreaser and loose dirt. Then with a clean soapy sponge clean all of the bike, start with the handlebars and saddle and work your way down the bike making certain the whole bike is glowing clean, then rinse with clean water. Remember keep your eyes open for things like used brake blocks, gritty bearings, small or frayed cables or any cracks or damage to the figure, if all is OK put the wheels back-in. Items to look for when you are cleaning your bike Used brake blocks. Damaged or thin rim walls. Destroyed or cut tires. Broken chain. Destroyed or bent handlebars and stem. Twisted or damaged saddle. Torn or used handle club record. Broken or worn chain sprockets and rings. Broken or worn chain. Injury to cranks or pedals. Situation or gear and brake cables. Damage to frame tubes. Loose or broken spokes. Condition of brake calipers. All bearings should run smoothly. Which means that your bicycle is currently clean, dry it using a clean cloth and if you want it to actually sparkle, get the spray shine out, but dont get any on the brake floor or you wont be able to stop initially you get out. Next you've to oil the chain and all moving parts, brake rocker screws, front and rear derailleur, pedal springs and the pivots on the brake levers, wash away any spilt oil, check always your gears and brakes work nicely, power up your tires and away you go on your clear and shining cycle. Oh! And remember to put back all that stuff from beneath the sink before you go on your bike ride or youll be making your personal meal when you get home.CarpetFirst 78 York Street London W1H 1DP 020 8099 8444

Tips For Road Bikes Preservation

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