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UN-EMPLOYMENT is ready to drop more with the amount of job opportunities climbing to record levels, fuelling speculation of another interest-rate rise. National job vacancies in the 3 months to August rose 2.9 per cent, seasonally modified, in line with the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Work opportunities increased by 11.9 % in the year to August. CommSec shares economist Martin Arnold said with job opportunities now at a record high, the un-employment rate was set to fall below 4 per cent - from its current 4.3 per cent - as business conditions encouraged businesses to seek more staff. 'The Australian economy is recording stable growth and business problems are almost just like they get,' he explained. The effectiveness of the economy led a frustrated John Howard to express people was a failure to offer the government credit for financial management. 'I think there's a view locally.. Probably a substantial amount that, for somehow or still another, our economic strength and our economic stability and growth is occurring naturally, that the economy is on autopilot,' the Prime Minister told a public forum at Ocean Grove on the Victorian coast yesterday. He explained this was one of the reasons why the government was performing so poorly in the public opinion polls: 'I think people are starting to get the Australian economy for granted.' Seasonally-adjusted job vacancies totalled 172,700 in-the 90 days to August. Mr Arnold said there have been under three unemployed people for every job, the bottom level on record. Business companies has been one of the best development areas, with 45,200 vacancies, 28.4 % higher than a year-ago. The variety of jobs vacant in the communications industry has more than doubled to 2800 in-the same time. There was strong demand for labour in the structure, retail trade and transportation industries. Parts that appear to be less desperate for staff include hospitality, adventure and personal services. The public sector is continuing to expand, together with the number of vacant jobs 11.8 per cent more than last year. In the year to August, job vacancies within the boom state of Western Australia were up by 31.8 per cent, unadjusted, adopted by the ACT, that has been up 31 per cent. For one more interpretation, you are able to check-out: Http://Surfunation.Com.Au includes further about the meaning behind this hypothesis.

Vacancies rise to history

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