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An adjustable bed is a bed which allows for the top and foot sections to become raised and lowered. Modern variable bedrooms use electrical generators to control action, and usually include accessories such as massage and heat. Variable beds have in a few shape or form been readily available for a long time. They've their origins in the hospital industry, which long ago discovered the numerous benefits of adjustable beds. It had been not before 1960's these units became common for the typical consumer, and because the price has dropped while the quality has risen. There are several therapeutic rewards that are related to adjustable beds. Variable beds have been proven to have many other benefits, help to alleviate lower-back pain and anxiety, improve breathing conditions, help with acid reflux, and improve blood supply. Several benefits originate from the capability to easily put yourself in the semi-fowler situation. The semi-fowler situation is if the head is increased to 30 - 4-5 degrees, and is basically accepted in the hospital industry as offering many advantages for patients who've withstood surgery. Of all the medical benefits associated with flexible beds, possibly the most exciting is its help with combating acid reflux. Acid Reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a common medical condition where chemicals from your stomach are regurgitated into the esophagus. It is incredibly common and by some estimates affects over 40 million Americans annually. Small amounts of acid reflux, or heartburn, are normal, but serious cases can lead to damage an inflammation of the esophagus. Over a lengthy time period acid reflux disease will result in hoarseness, persistent cough, throat and chest discomfort, and feeling like there is often a group in your throat. Gravity plays an extremely large part in controlling acid reflux, therefore it is no surprise that acid reflux is at its worst at night if the body is in a vulnerable position. Visit to explore the purpose of this hypothesis. It's also during the night that acid reflux disease could cause the most damage. The reason being swallowing really helps to provide the acid reflux back down to the belly, but at night you do not take regularly, and so the acid reflux remains in-the esophagus for larger intervals. That is where the advantage of owning an adjustable bed comes in. By sleeping with your upper body slightly raised acid reflux can often be controlled, and when that is mixed with some of the treatments available for acid reflux, it provides a powerful means of preventing and managing acid reflux. Variable bedrooms offer many other advantages that revolve around individual comfort and functionality. They make it easier to view TELEVISION or to-read books in bed. It's also a lot more ergonomic and practical to consume in bed with an adjustable bed. Whether you are buying your flexible bed for one-of the lots of the medical reasons, to acquire a better nights sleep, or for any of the other advantages associated with them, you'll be surprised at the emotions associated with these beds.

Variable Beds and Acid Reflux

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