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Westbury Society

The Westbury Society project in a field called Sleight was highly commended in the Marsh Archaeology Award 2007 competition.

Westbury Society 1Westbury Society 2Westbury Society 3

The Society's desk research, fieldwork and geophysical survey on Westbury Sleight, Somerset uncovered a prehistoric platform cairn and remnants of a prehistoric field system on the Mendips. To download a pdf version of the report please right-click here
and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' to download (c2MB).

A Roman whetstone
A Roman sandstone whetstone from Cowleaze (c.6cm high)

We have recently been fieldwalking in Cowleaze and found a Roman rural workshop.
To download a pdf version of our report please right-click report.doc.pdf here and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' to download (c848Kb).

Back-filling the excavation in December 2008

Our most recent success was the discovery of a post-medieval Q-pit or whitecoal hearth within the former medieval deer park. Whitecoal was used as a fuel from the 16th century in the smelting of lead on Mendip and this is a first for Somerset. Charcoal samples from the pit were recovered and will be submitted for Carbon-14 dating, with the help of a small grant from the CBA Challenge Fund. To download a pdf version of our report please right click report.pdf here.

An earlier earthwork survey in woodland called Knyftons Firs revealed medieval field banks.
Knyftons Firs fields
To download a pdf version of this report please Quark.pdf right-click here and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save link As...' to download(c252Kb).

For further information please contact

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