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Westbury Society

The Westbury Society project in a field called Sleight was highly commended in the Marsh Archaeology Award 2007 competition.

Westbury Society 1Westbury Society 2Westbury Society 3

The Society's desk research, fieldwork and geophysical survey on Westbury Sleight, Somerset uncovered a prehistoric platform cairn and remnants of a prehistoric field system on the Mendips. To download a pdf version of the report please right-click here
and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' to download (c2MB).

A Roman whetstone
A Roman sandstone whetstone from Cowleaze (c.6cm high)

We have recently been fieldwalking in Cowleaze and found a Roman rural workshop.
To download a pdf version of our report please right-click report.doc.pdf here and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link As...' to download (c848Kb).

Back-filling the excavation in December 2008

Our most recent success was the discovery of a post-medieval Q-pit or whitecoal hearth within the former medieval deer park. Whitecoal was used as a fuel from the 16th century in the smelting of lead on Mendip and this is a first for Somerset. Charcoal samples from the pit were recovered and will be submitted for Carbon-14 dating, with the help of a small grant from the CBA Challenge Fund. To download a pdf version of our report please right click report.pdf here.

Not far from the Q-pit we also surveyed a charcoal burning platform. Again a brief report is available for downloading report.pdf here.

Much of our fieldwork has been exploring different aspects of the landscape history of the deer park in Westbury, created by the one of the bishops of Wells, probably in the 12th century. Ancient oaks are commonly found in former deer parks so during the winter of 2007/8 we measured the girths of over 90 trees; unfortunately none turned out to be more than 300 years old! However that did tell us that the park was cleared of all trees when it was converted to ordinary farm pasture fields about 1700.

An earlier earthwork survey in woodland called Knyftons Firs revealed medieval field banks.
Knyftons Firs fields
To download a pdf version of this report please Quark.pdf right-click here and 'Save Target As...' or 'Save link As...' to download(c252Kb).

For further information please contact

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