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Wilmslow Community Archaeology

Who we are?

Recording of church groundsWe are a small independent group operating from our base in the old Wilmslow Parish, East Cheshire. We were set up about 4 years ago, initially to study the gravestones in St.Bartholomew's, Wilmslow, but have since then branched out, taking in other aspects of archaeology and history in Wilmslow parish and neighbouring Handforth.

What are we doing?

We are trying to get a better understanding of the past of Wilmslow Parish (which includes traditionally: Wilmslow, Styal, Stanneylands, Dean Row, Finney Green, Lacey Green, Morley, Oversley Ford and Ullerswood, Fulshaw, the Hough, the northern part of Alderley Edge, which was originally known as Chorley and Lindow, Row of Trees and Davenport Green).

Because the historical sources for the area tend to be quite slim, we tend to focus on archaeological methods, such as landscape surveys, study of the graveyards and standing buildings and small excavations when necessary. However, when possible we try and tie our findings in with the known historical records and thus get a better understanding of what went on in Wilmslow since Bronze Age.

We have recently started to develop our own web-page (still under construction), where more details about the project can be found:

we also have a facebook page 'Wilmslow Community Archaeology', which doubles as a mini-blog of our activities.

Facebook group Wilmslow Community Archaeology
Finds inside of the church

How we operate

While we have some qualified historians and archaeologists in our midst, we try and make room for the research interest for all of our members. So newcomers can join in the existing projects or develop their own ideas and directions and contribute their own skills, or learn new ones. The main idea is that we work together towards better understanding the area where we live.

We organise fieldwork as well as research days, and have in the past organised events for the Festival of British Archaeology and Family Fun days around our research in cooperation with other organisations in the parish, incl. various Youth Groups, the local Parish Church, the Wilmslow Historical Society.

We give lectures on various topics and guided tours, either as stand alone events or part of the programme of various societies or adult education venues.

We have published a number of small guides on the aspect of the history and archaeology of the area and are offering short articles on the family history of some former Wilmslow residents. At the moment we are working at publishing the results of some of our watching briefs and excavations.

But most of all, we get together and have fun doing what we enjoy.
St.Bartholomew's Church

How to contact us?

Academic Co-ordinator: Birgitta Hoffmann

Secretary : Kathleen Morris



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